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What do you think of when you think of Australia? 

Do you think of the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Crocodile Hunter? 

Probably.  That’s about all the West knows about the country Down Under.  As Bryson points out, according to the number of Times articles appearing on each topic, “Australia is slightly more interesting than bananas.” 

That won’t last long.  In this engaging, funny book, Bryson takes (multiple) trips to Australia to try and get a glimpse of every angle of this enormous country–the only country that is also a continent, and the only continent that is also an island, by the way, as Bryson will tell you. 

He gives a ton of interesting history on Australia while he talks about his journeys through both the coasts and the bush of central Australia–wandering through each state and many of the cities as he explores what it is to be an Australian. 

The book is hilarious–I was reading it and couldn’t stop laughing; people tended to give me funny looks, but I didn’t care.  This book is too good to put down.  I learned more about Australia than I ever have.  In fact,  I don’t remember learning about it at all in either elementary or high school, and certainly not college. 

I don’t care what kind of book you like to read, I don’t care if you hate Australia or travel or nonfiction or humor or anything like that.  Read Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country.  You’ll learn about Australia, Australians, and how funny Bryson can be. You’ll be wanting to hop the next flight there.  I just discovered him a few days ago but I’m definitely going back to library for more!  Next up: Bill Bryson’s account of backpacking (kind of) through Europe for the third time in his life. 



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