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There is always the option to hitchhike of you’re really short on cash, really desperate, adventurous, or just crazy.  It’s possible.  People do it all the time.  If you do, for some insane reason, want to hitchhike, most of Europe is better than the United States.  

Now, for those of you who are determined to hitchhike, a few tips.  

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Time to get down to business. Roll up your sleeves, because I have some delicious foods here for you to make at home….or, even better, get the real deal in Spain.

Spanish people eat a lot of ham. Do not ask me why this is so, but it is. Ham, and seafood on the coast. And their two main staple ingredients are olive oil and garlic. Mmm, I’m liking this already. Because of the mountains running through the country, which made communication difficult until the last half of the twentieth century, regional dishes can vary extremely widely. But there will be ham. Believe you me, Read the rest of this entry »

This is probably self-explanatory to a lot of people, but it took me (completely computer inept that I am) a couple of hours to figure out. Don’t laugh, please.

I know there are other people like me out there, so here goes: how to attach an RSS feed to your blog or website.

1. It took me a long time to figure out that everything I was reading was for subscribing to someone else’s blog, not the other way around! Yeesh. I felt smart. But anyways, to get people to subscribe to your feed, I did it this way: I went to and entered my blog’s URL into the box handily provided on the homepage. Now how hard was that? I then followed the on-screen innstructions. When I was done with registering, I did:

2. At the top of the page you should be on are tabs: analyze, monetize, publicize; click publicize and it will take you to a different page. On the left there is a menu; one of the links should be chicklet chooser. Click it.

3. You then get a list of buttons. Choose whichever one you want your subscribers to be able to click on to subscribe to their feed. After you select it, scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a box full of HTML code. Copy it, and

4. For a WordPress blog, go to your widget editor and add a text widget to your sidebar. While you’re still in the editor, click edit on the right of the little text widget box. A square screen will pop up. Copy your HTML code into that box, and save your changes! You’re ready to have people subscribing!

Subscribe in a reader

If you want to do this for another type of blog, like Blogger, I believe Feedburner has directions. In any case, it should be similar. I don’t know, though, as I’ve never used Blogger or any other type of blog site.

For websites, simply copy and paste into your HTML editor or directory where you want it to go. If you have a website that you built yourself, you’ll know what to do with it. (At least I hope!) And if you’re using a template, there will probably be an HTML editor box where you can insert HTML code. On Google templates it’s at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. On some other templates, like Bravenet, you edit your HTML by clicking the HTML editor tab on the top of the text box you’re working on (like WordPress write a new blog screen, there is the HTML button at the top. Exact same thing.)

I hope I explained things for the people like me who instantly start hyperventilating every time they hear HTML. Which, I’m discovering, is a lot easier than it appears. I now know how to do headers, body text, bold, breaks, paragraphs, different sizes of headers…and that’s about it, but I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Would you like to add a point on here that I missed? A different way of doing this? Comment me and I’ll get back to you! Like I said, I’m pretty ignorant. I need all the help I can get.



I’ve been researching this, and I’ve found some decent stuff, but I would love more information on how I can attract people to my website without spending any money.

When I found out more, utilize it and find out how it works, so on, I’m going to do a blog on it.  The one thing that I often find o nthe internet is that you can find a lot of information, if you look long enough.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to have someone write down everything in one place?  That’s what I woudl like to do, but first I need to find out about all of these different methods and see how they work.

Let me know what has worked for you and I might include it on my next How-To.

Cheers, Senoritaburrito

There are several ways to travel for free if you don’t mind taking the path-less-traveled; if you have a sense of adventure and an openness to new things, you can have the time of your life while spending little or no money. 

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