This will eventually be a travel blog of my (very distant) vagabonding trip across Europe.  My dream in life is to see everything there is to see.  It’s always better to dream big, right?  I’m kind of starting with Europe.  It will be my first solo expedition, although I’ve already been to Peru with a tour group (amazing) and Mexico with my family. (also amazing.)  I really caught the travel bug in Peru, my first trip out of the US.  When we were getting blessed by a paca (Incan shaman-type), and then I was walking around talking to street vendors and flea market people, I realized how big the world is and how amazing the people are, and I want to see and learn about all of it.

My upcoming trips are Europe, obviously, next summer; but before that, I’m going to Spain for ten days in spring.  I’m doing the Costa del Sol tour with my school, but the tour people that we use are very cool…same ones that we used for Peru.  You can see a lot of stuff with a tour, plus get things like lodging and transportation and fees taken care of for you, but I really want to explore on my own.  The Mexico trip was solo and it was sweet.  In some ways it was better than Peru, and in some ways it wasn’t as great.  But everything was amazing.

Oh, I used to do topics on pretty much everything here, but now I’m focusing on just travel-related stuff.  I might throw in a book review or a Stuff College Students Like blog occasionally, but I really can’t help that.  Sometimes we all need a change of pace.  One topic, no matter how fascinating, occasionally feels a little old.

I hope you enjoy my blog.   And if you do, I would love for you to tell me that you do.  I always love feedback, as all you website owners/bloggers out there know.

Ok.  Enough rambling.  I’m really done now.