What is it and what’s the story?

It felt rotten inside when I looked at it, so I tried to give it away.  No one wanted it.  It was rejected again and again.  Once it escaped and rolled and rolled and it might have rolled away to freedom, but the bars of strong sunlight caught it and stopped it.  The sunlight freckling off its dimpled skin made me remember a jewel.  The brightest jewel, glowing with tropical heat in this cold dying of the world.

It was rotting inside because it had no place.  There was nowhere to go and it knew that.  In the end it hid in a prison bar of shadow, so I felt bad for it, all alone down there among the ponderous tread of the heavy, unseeing giants.  But I’d done my duty.  I already rescued the thing once.  I wouldn’t do it again.   I made someone else pluck it from the shadow, but that person just locked it in a deeper prison.  It wasn’t my fault.  It felt freedom in the light for a moment, a moment longer than most people.